Personal Projects

Design and build of an interactive explorer of UK Government organisational hierarchies.
UK Election Map
Design and build of an interactive map that presents UK election results.
Survey Explorer
Design and build of an interactive freelance rates explorer.
Renewable Energy Spiral
Design and build of a spiral timeline showing renewable energy planning applications.
Renewable Energy Map
Design and build of a map showing locations from the UK's Renewable Energy Planning Database.
UK Temperature History
Design and build of an interactive showing mean temperature across the UK since 1910.
F1 Timeline
Design and build of an interactive showing all Formula 1 race results since 1950.
F1 Greatest Drivers
Line chart showing career trajectory of Formula 1 drivers.
Brexit Expenses
Design and build of an interactive explorer of the UK's EU Referendum.
Referendum Votes
A hierarchical bar chart showing UK EU Referendum votes broken down by region, county and district.
Who's Like Tatum?
A network chart showing similarity between jazz musicians.
UK Temperature Lines
Design and build of a 3d-esque array of temperature line charts.
10 Wimbledon charts
Exploratory series of tennis visualisations.
D3 Tree
A binary tree built using D3.js.
What Makes Us Happy?
An interactive scatter plot comparing wellbeing measures, built with D3.js.
World Migration
A world map showing migration patterns, with swoopy arrows.
Circular heatmap of UK temperature
Design and build of a circular heatmap showing historic UK temperature.
Circular heatmap of energy consumption
Design and build of a circular heatmap showing household energy consumption.
Design and build of an interactive tool to explore and understand the CSS FlexBox model.

Client Projects

London Datastore Dashboard
I built and co-designed the summary dashboard on London Datastore's home page featuring historic at-a-glance indicators. Collaboration with DataPress.
Celebrity Cruises: Music Mapped
I built and co-designed an interactive music map for Celebrity Cruises showing the places most mentioned in songs.
Coastal Fisheries Success Factors
Build of an interactive explorer of competing factors in coastal fishing. Collaboration with Threestory Studio.
IFOAM Organic in Europe Map
Build of IFOAM's interactive map of organic processing/production in Europe. Collaboration with Background Stories.
Close Encounters
I built and co-designed this interactive for Womble Bond Dickinson.
McGraw Hill DataVis components
Build of interactive dot and scatter plots for award winning education tool.
Heatmap component for Writer's Block
Build of D3 based interactive, hierarchical heatmap component for Writer's Block by Small Media.
Expect the Unexpected
Build of Carbon Tracker's interactive scenario explorer for cost of renewable energy.
How the Race Unfolded
I built and co-designed a lap by lap visual analysis chart component for Motorsport Stats.
Responsible Retrofit Guidance Wheel
Build of STBA's interactive tool for assessing impact and interaction of retrofits in traditional buildings.


Getting Started with D3.js
How to Make an Interactive Map of Geographic Paths
How to Make a Tiled Bar Chart with D3.js
Make a Weather Map with Leaflet
Tutorial for net magazine (February 2016).
Create Visualisations using Network Data
Tutorial for net magazine (May 2015).